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You are beautiful only when you do beautiful things. Full lips aren’t as beautiful as a full laugh. Skinny hips aren’t as attractive as a quick wit.
4 days ago

The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards

Here was the thing that couldn’t be measured, couldn’t be quantified or even explained…you [cannot] categorize a human being. You [cannot] presume to know what life [is] or what it might hold.
6 days ago

You Sound White

Oh really?

Well tell me what a black person sounds like.

Since you think your entitled to tell me about my race.

Inform me about how my syntax, semantics and grammar is misplaced.

Explain to me how my English education & skin color doesn’t equate. 

"You sound white."

Present to me your thesis about how I should start sentences with “Yo,” “Wad up?” and “Homie.”

How I don’t fit into your ignorant stereotypes

Cause you’re misinformed about how black people are really like.

I bet you expect me to rap and dance,; sag my pants; and wear gold teeth and a doo-rag.

Fancy that.

"You sound white.”

Of course because I can only be categorized into too traits, “White” or “Ghetto.”

Forget I’m a human being, nurtured and raised, and subject to numerous influences, ideas, and taste.

Make my existence solely about the pigmentation I have on face.

Forget that in the womb my heart was present first long before my skin color arose.

You sound white.”

There is a black culture.

I can’t argue that that doesn’t exist.

But don’t think that everyone can fall into the mix. 

Or that of the TV shows and movies represent 40+ million of us - 13.2 percent.

No matter the words I speak

What makes me black is the fact that I have to defend my right to be me.

That I’m constantly categorized and placed into a box on account of my melanin. 

That my true self is seen as a deviation from the norm.

And that my blackness is either a subject of curiosity or scorn.

That I’m seen as a peculiar exception to a rule.

Rather than an autonomous agent given life, liberty and happiness to pursue.

I’m always just  gonna be “white” or “ghetto” to you.

1 week ago

 Lana del Rey

Sometimes love is not enough and the road gets tough. I don’t know why.
2 weeks ago

Jane Eyre

I need not sell my soul to buy bliss.
2 weeks ago

The Coiffure Project is a natural hair portrait photography series by Glenford Nunez.

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